Baby Porcupine Costume

$ 89.99
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Doesn't your baby deserve the best? This Halloween, give it the best money can buy with this porcupine costume. It's made of high-quality, soft fabric that will make your baby feel comfortable and relaxed. Although real porcupines can be quite dangerous (especially for babies to wear), this costume is soft and plush. With faux leather claws and ears, this costume looks unmistakably authentic. It will cover your baby from head to toe  and even comes with a tail. It fits children of all ages, from 1-month-olds to 2-year-olds. 

A porcupine can be a troublesome animal. They have quills that can poke you if you aren't careful. It would be easy to avoid getting stuck by a porcupine quill if they weren't so cute. That way, it'd be easy to avoid porcupines. Unfortunately, they're quite adorable, and make it difficult to not pet them. In all likelihood, whenever you encounter a porcupine, you will attempt to pet it. That's precisely why they're troublesome; they're almost inviting you to poke yourself.

  • Ultra high quality porcupine soft fur back that is also stuffable (not stuffed in the photograph)
  • The spikey ultra soft fabric actually sticks up just like a real porcupine
  • Matching character headpiece
  • Faux leather claws and ears
  • Soft brown bodysuit
  • SKU: CA-008258