Adult Peg Bundy Costume

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Married with Children was an amazing TV sitcom. It probed issues and topics that few modern television shows even approach. Its humor was raunchy, its subjects were risqué and its characters subtly pushed the envelope. When you dress up in one of our Peg Bundy costumes this Halloween, everyone will know that you mean business when it comes to Halloween attire.

Peg Bundy makes for an unbeatable and unforgettable Halloween costume. As Al Bundy's wife, Peg Bundy has her work cut out for her. Al Bundy was a grumpy shoe salesman that often took out his work-related frustrations on his wife during hilarious exchanges. She was capable of dishing it right back, however. But she had a number of her own shortcomings, which were expertly portrayed by actress Katey Sagal. Peg Bundy was domestically inept, and her lack of contributions around the household was often a sore spot for her husband. It also made for great television.

You can embody all of the magic associated with Peg Bundy this Halloween with this costume. For a perfect Halloween pair, get someone to dress up as Al Bundy and antagonize him all night.

  • Leopard print top
  • Black pants
  • Black vinyl belt
  • Wig sold separately
  • SKU: CA-013543