Adult Slash Wig

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Pay tribute to one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time with this Slash costume wig. It will give you an iconic look that's reminiscent of Guns n' Roses' famous guitarist. Slash is widely considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time, and you can be his stunt double with this authentic-looking costume wig. This Halloween, rock out with this wig while you clumsily sing the band's greatest hits. Assemble a few of your friends and spend Halloween as a real-life recreation of Guns n' Roses. To finish off the costume, just find yourself a top hat, aviator glasses and a leather vest. Think about it: Would you rather be yourself or be a rock star? And even if you were already a rock star, you might be interested in being a different rock star for a day just to see what it felt like. Make sure you stock up on guitars, though, at the beginning of the night. Famous rock stars tend to break these in copious amounts, so it's important to not run out before the festivities are over. For other great costume ideas consider any of our rock star costumes.

  • One black curly Slash Wig
  • Top hat and aviator glasses sold separately
  • SKU: CA-012151