Adult Dick Tracy Costume

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Solving crimes and mysteries is hard work. Cracking open the case requires a nose for detective work. Or you can bypass all of these requirements simply by donning a Yellow Detective costume from our collection. Once you do this you'll be instantly transformed into a private detective of the highest caliber. One thing the Yellow Detective was good at was solving crimes. He had it down to a science. No mystery would stay unknown to him for very long. That's why he was so good at his job. With an adult Yellow Detective costume from our collection, you'll be following in his footsteps closely. We have everything you'll need to look like this classic crime-buster. Shake your tail feather and jump all over this soon before this costume gets away. 

  • Yellow coat
  • Yellow hat
  • Size: Adult Standard
  • All other clothes & accessories are sold separately
  • SKU: CA-060015