Toddler Cheshire Cat Costume

$ 34.99
SKU: CA-014383 4T
Color: Purple
Size: 4T

With his mischievous and often disembodied smile the Cheshire cat would cause all sorts of trouble for young Alice. Whether irritating the Queen of Hearts or else leading Alice down all the wrong paths in Wonderland, the Cheshire cat was no end of trouble. Our Toddler Cheshire Cat Costume is the ideal Alice in Wonderland costume for any toddler. If you are looking for a fun family or group costume idea consider any of our other Alice in Wonderland Costumes for the entire family.

  • One piece jumpsuit with purple and pink stripes
  • Thick padded tail
  • Separate headpiece with purple fur
  • Size: Toddler 4T
  • SKU: CA-014383